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Dr. Stuart Connop

University of East London - Stuarts focus of research is the sustainable management of landscapes. His background is in biodiversity and ecosystem service monitoring. His role in TURaS has been in research and knowledge exchange associated with greening both public and private urban infrastructure.

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Philip Crowe

University College Dublin - Philip Crowe is an architect, urban designer and PhD candidate, who has been working on ‘Urban/Industrial regeneration, Land Use Planning and Creative Design’ in TURaS, and developing innovative practices and tools such as the Reusing Dublin platform.

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Dr. Stephan Kampelmann

Osmos - Stephan is a social scientist with a PhD in economics. He has authored numerous academic publications covering topics in socio-economics, urban economics and urban ecology. He is a cofounder of OSMOS, a TURaS spin-off company that provides transversal planning services.


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Dr. Lucelia Rodrigues

University of Nottingham - Lucelia is an Associate Professor at the Architecture and Built Environment Department. Her talk will cover team Nottingham’s collaborative approach to delivering sustainable and resilient communities, in particular TURAS’ solutions Community Power and Innovative Housing.

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Robert Sanders

EBN - Robert Sanders is Head of International Projects at EBN and based in Brussels. He manages EBN’s project portfolio which includes a range of programmes & topics focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Nick van Barneveld

City of Rotterdam - Nick is a senior policy Advisor on Flood Safety in the City of Rotterdam and an expert in climate change adaptation strategies. During TURaS he developed an ‘Integrated flood management’ tool together with VU University Amsterdam. This was subsequently implemented in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

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Adrian V. Hill

Osmos - Adrian is a researcher, designer and planner. His approach is based on systems thinking and user-centred design.Within TURaS, Adrian has been involved in developing tools for local economies and the development of transversal planning - as applied to numerous projects in Belgium and Italy.