The final conference of TURaS project, which will be held from 12 to 14 September, is one of the most significant forums this year in Sofia in regard to the actual urban development topics and a prestige part of the events related with the celebration of the Sofia city feast, which honor host will be Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia Municipality.

The extensive program of this event will provoke large interest at local, regional and European level. The Scientific Project Manager of TURaS, Professor Chair of Spatial Planning at School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy, University College Dublin, Zorica Nedovic - Budic will present at the forum along with the experts, responsible for the different work packages, the results of the work on this project, which combined efforts and expertises of 11 EU regions. From the Bulgarian side Varna Free University which is the academic partner of Sofia will introduce the topic of limitation the disperse and ineffective utilization of agricultural land for urban growth in terms of market relations and the establishment of eco-taxes. Also the Sofia Place-based strategy will be presented with the focus on introducing innovative approaches and better regulated management of urban processes for enhancing the resilient development and attractiveness of the Northern parts of the Sofia Municipality, elaborated and followed during the five years of the project.

The integration between the TURaS conference and the autumn conference of the European network of professionals in the field of spatial planning and development of the Metropolitan Regions and Areas – METREX shows the topicality and importance of the theme of "Urban resilience" and will contribute to the presentation of Sofia as a modern European capital. In the METREX network member fifty metropolitan centers and it is one of the NGOs with the greatest influence in determination of EU policies in this area. Its presidents are active political figures on the European regional level and within the EU bodies. Dr. Nicola Schelling, president of the Stuttgart Region - one of the most prosperous in economic and social point of view regions in Europe - is the current president of METREX and she personally will lead a part of the work at the conference in Sofia.

The event will promote to general public the consistent policy of Sofia Municipality in implementation of the urban resilience principles towards nature and environment conservation and cleanliness, saving energy and resources and improving the quality of citizens’ life in the context of Sofia candidature for the "European Green capital". The forum will give the opportunity to the professional society – to the national and international creative and professional organizations, universities, local authorities and governing bodies, responsible for elaboration of strategic documents for development of municipalities, and to the business to get acquainted with the final results of the project implementation and with the obtained experience to create a larger base for application of knowledge and increase the competitiveness and sustainability in the European Union.  

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